Friday, 1 June 2012

Stamp on the toe for being so slow, GOD and the Queen and a possible ramble if I get time.

For those of you interested my Thanet blog popularity listings for last month, these are the web statistics for people directed here from other websites and are about as exciting as watching paint dry, unless of course people get directed here from your website, here is the link

Of further interest, the old tourist information office now has the boards off the windows and Gerry O’Donnell is in the process of turning it into Ramsgate’s latest addition to our foodie scene. 

At the Moment the windows are displaying artwork featuring both GOD and the Queen as you may be able to see from the photo, clicking on it obsessively will make it bigger and bigger.

Next my thanks to the café on Ramsgate Sands, pardon a rather rambling explanation here:

I get an hour for lunch and if it is a nice day I usually make my self a sarni and wander down to the seafront eating it, by the time the sarni has been consumed I am usually thirsty and tend to go to the café right down on the sands and get a mug of tea.

A mug of tea there is 60p, the view is excellent and I often do a quick sketch while drinking my tea.

Well on Wednesday I left my paintbox there by mistake and frankly artists paintboxes are expensive items, mine folds up to something about the size of a thick mobile phone and unfolds well here’s a picture.    
I thought I would never see my paintbox again but the café proprietor had kept it as lost property and returned it to me.   
Incidentally most of this artist’s sketchbook stuff is not suitable for publication and is called notational, anyone like to take a guess at the one above.   

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