Sunday, 6 January 2013

Don and his enormous roll

A quick sketch of Don and his enormous roll, as promised in the comments of the previous post.

To be honest I don’t like sketching people from a photo and as I haven’t actually seen Don in the flesh, I don’t really know if the sketch looks anything like him or not.

And then of course there is the business of the hand, perhaps the less said about that the better, but not having Don to hand as it were, having drawn the end of the roll, I waved my left hand about in front of me rather vaguely and got a sort of deformed hand.

I don’t think the paper would take any rubbing out without going all smudgy, particularly as with an internet photo it will probably expand quite a lot when clicked on, which essentially means it can be looked at under the magnifying glass by all and sundry.

Perhaps I will have another go later. 


  1. Enormous roll,..Don in the flesh,..rubbing out without going smudgy,..have another go later,..
    Ooh suits you Sir.

  2. LOL I must say that you captured a certain somethimg Michael.

    1. Don glad you think so, I only tend to do this sort of thing when people, as it were ask for it, the exception being professional artists and others in the arts world.

      I was very nearly expelled from school for some drawings of people that appeared in the school magazine, some people seemed to think looked like some of our school teachers, having an interesting time with their rolls and suchlike.

      I remember there being one sketch called leapfrog which was particularly badly misunderstood, perhaps it would have gone down better in these enlightened times.

      At the time I decided to stop drawing because of the effect on my – perhaps subjects is the wrong word – victims and the consequential consequences on any future career for me.


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