Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Daily mail and the Ramsgate sheep massacre

Sorry I haven’t had time to produce a detailed post about this, busy day in my bookshop followed by cooking a large meal.

I have spoken to a few people since my last post on this subject, see there seems to be some fairly odd feelings about the RSPCA apparently based on personal experiences and rightly or wrongly, there is a definite perception that the charity’s prime objectives are to destroy animals and prosecute owners. 

As I said in the previous article I have no experience of the RSPCA in action and haven’t owned an animal for years, but there is a definite public perception that calling the RSPCA about a little old lady and an underfed cat, will result in a dead cat and little old lady in court.

I certainly don’t know the ins and outs of this, but don’t think this is a good public perception for the UKs main animal welfare charity to have.      


  1. Surely it is down to TDC as the owner of the port that they have proper facilities for any cargo shipped through the port ?

  2. According to the press there seems to be several questions. Why were the animals unloaded when there were no facilities? Why were they put in a pen with an open drain that some fell into and drowned? What was the RSPCA involvement when it is DEFRA who are responsible? and, isn't the RSPCA a political lobying organisation. Perhaps Michelle Fenner would explain.

  3. The RSPCA have lost all credibility, they should answer the question...How many animals (healthy) do they 'put down' . Then ask the 'Dogs Trust' how many do they put down?. The RSPCA are a front for animal euthanasia


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