Thursday, 10 January 2013

Thanet Earth, Twitter and the Imaginary Greenhouse and a Ramble.

I guess most people know that although Thanet Earth got planning permission for seven greenhouses it has only built three of them so far.

So I was a bit surprised earlier today when they tweeted:

Thanet Earth
A major milestone in our site's development reached. The new greenhouse build completed and ready for baby plants. 

and even more surprised when they tweeted again

Thanet Earth
10hThanet Earth ‏@thanetearth
Tomato plants going into the new greenhouse at the moment.

and again


Thanet Earth
So we now have two tomato g'houses, and one each for peppers and cucumbers.  Congrats to all the team!

Obviously they would know how many greenhouses they have, wouldn't they? so I phoned them up.

I spoke to them and they didn’t seem to think they had an extra greenhouse, I suggested to them that it was possible that their Twitter account had been hacked.

I said to them that I generally check the facts before posting a news item and as I was sure they wouldn’t want me to post inaccurate information about their company would they confirm the position later today before I wrote my blog post.

Big companies and social media is a pretty strange world, anyhow they said they would look into it and email me back.

Well they didn’t email me so I can only assume they are either still counting their greenhouses or trying to track down whoever is responsible for their Twitter account.

It really has to be their Twitter account as they have been posting on it for over three years.

I then went on to Ramsgate’s newest art gallery, The Updown gallery at Satis House. 

they have a new exhibition and being interested in art I went and took some photos, I will ramble on here I am just off to check the copyright wording for the gallery. 

Here we are All pictures copyright and produced with permission of the gallery, their website is

I will do a comprehensive post about the new exhibition during the next few days.

I took a few photos on my way back from the gallery, here they are

The Thanet news of the day is that the council have announced there will be no council tax rise this year.


  1. Last time I went to Canterbury I notice they had been building a new GReen house it must be finished now, More food to be waisted and thrown away because of sell by dates

  2. ThanetEarth is now old technlogy. We can look forward to plantscrapers which could be built anywhere.


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