Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Manston Airport update from the leader of TDC

The market testing and Q and A for the airport possible CPO with a back to back investor is now complete.
The expressions of interest were due by the 29th August but officers extended to 5pm on Monday to accommodate a late entry.

Madeline will update Cabinet and Cllr Bayford as Leader of the main opposition on Friday and a report will be prepared for the a Cabinet meeting of 16th October. I will update other Leaders at our monthly meeting.

Depending on the outcome of all of this stage I would want a decision at Full Council.

Mrs Pauline Bradley representing Mrs Gloag and I have just had a telephone conversation and she advises that the future of the site is still a priority .

The 'four and a half to five weeks ' planned exciting announcement mentioned to me by Mrs Gloag on the 31st July has passed. However Pauline explained that the August holiday time has caused perhaps another few weeks delay. Mrs Gloag will be back from abroad at the weekend and Madeline is also seeing a representative of theirs next week.

TDC have acted absolutely properly in all of this from the announcement of proposed closure in March to receipt of the petition in July and ever since.

The examining the extension of the Enterprise Zone first mooted by Cllr Hart is on going with many conversations with the Dover Leader and Kent and Medway Economic partnership. The business case has to be made and officers and myself are progressing.

I am still urging Sir Roger to reconvene the Taskforce which hasn't met since Clive went to London months ago. I will again ask on Friday when I see him as without Government intervention over and above kind words we are going to have problems.

The Select Committee will also need a submission from us and Sir Howard Davies failure to specifically mention Manston in his report last week is disappointing.
Kind regards,

ed. picture 109s at Manston from


  1. She has posted that she is trying to gain consensus for a free vote in the full council meeting. whatever that means in political circles

  2. Madeline Homer, acting CEO. Who exactly is Iris Johnston representing the - Save Manston Airport Party?

  3. Any doubts about where Iris' loyalties lie are clarified for all to see - extensions allowed, 'urging' Gale to act, 'we' are going to have problems, 'disappointing' news regarding Davies report. She's a fully signed up, t-shirt wearing, event-headlining, key contributor to the SMA cause.

    1. 3:29, That's because (a) she was successfully petitioned and (b) because her predecessor was forced to resign because of his clear lack of support over Manston. Whether the CPO happens or not, this has been people power at it's finest.

    2. And it's ROGER Gale. Michael doesn't usually permit the use of surnames only.

    3. That one got through the net anon and as you see from the comment guidelines once replied to within the guidelines it stays

    4. Her naive and partisan approach means she is unfit to be involved in decisions regarding the future of the Manston site. I would not describe a rabble-rousing campaign, involving much misinformation, as "people power at its finest".

  4. So Michael,

    If I'm reading this correctly, Iris is saying that without government help, thie CPO isn't going to happen.
    The government, inasmuch much as we can call the Davis Commission has already said No and the Aviation Minister has already sent Roger packing earlier in the year. Mark my words, the CPO is dead in the water.

  5. I have tried switching the comments over to registered user only knocking off comment moderation as my email account is getting completely swamped by moderation request emails relating to comments by commercial spammers. If you want to preserve your anonymity there are plenty of options available, look at the Comment as dropdown, but frankly I don't really have another option as I just don't have the time to review about 20 emails an hour.

  6. Michael do the 109's signify enemy fire?
    This is not going to go very far I can see houses on the horizon. The aviation report could have recommended Manston and saved the Day but those in power have been told it is ideal for London overspill thousands of homeless from London will be dumped here and the developer will get grants to hose them, effectively money for nothing and someone in governance is pulling the strings Welcome to the London borough of Manston.


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