Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A bit more done to the paintings of Ramsgate and Broadstairs, some sort of a ramble.

This is the painting of Ramsgate Clockhouse or Maritime Museum from the seats outside The Oak Hotel.

The issue here is that some of the original drawing is wrong, however I am learning a lot painting this one, so will probably finish I, mishaps and seagulls allowing.

This is the painting of The Albion Hotel from the seating outside The Albion Hotel in Broadstairs. The whole of the blank bottom left bit is pretty much plant, something I am not very good at and the whole of the blank right hand side of the page is the underneath of a huge umbrella, something I may give a miss to.

The window for painting outside before work is a fairly narrow one and I am making the most of it this year, so I am afraid the blog has suffered a bit, there are only so many hours in the day.

The main Thanet issues that interest me seem to be grinding along from where the previous Labour administration at TDC left off, with no noticeable change of direction from the new UKIP administration yet.

Pleasurama is going through another cliff façade repair, but the council don’t seem to have come up with answers to the most significant issues there. With the cliff face, this really boils down to can the council maintain the façade for the life of the new development economically. With the flood and storm risk, just how this will work with no flood risk assessment as the development is being built on a high risk flood zone is anyone's guess.

The Manston Airport site and plans for the council to buy it using the cpo process so it can be turned into and airfreight hub and aircraft scrapyard seem to be running hot and cold.   

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