Monday, 17 August 2015

A bit of watercolour painting around Ramsgate and Canterbury, Ship Shape Cafe in Ramsgate and some thoughts on Windows 10 perhaps.

Painting from life in watercolour is a very tenuous thing, the White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane lyrics: "When logic and proportion. Have fallen sloppy dead. And the White Knight is talking backwards…" come to mind.

Anyway going backwards - mostly, I have just arrived to work on the till desk in my bookshop and discovered MS Windows 10 has appeared on the computer there, it seems to be OK, I will mention it if anything unusual happens.

Having woken up late and rather stunned for some unaccountable reason I didn’t get out to paint this morning until about 8 and rather fancied a go at the Military Road Arches.
I guess this is a preliminary watercolour sketch, which may go further.
 Tea and toast at Ship-Shape Café £1.50.
Looking at the photo I may start again.

I did a bit more to the Canterbury sketch from La Trappiste, during what was a busy weekend.

 a bit more of the cathedral one, not sure if I have made it better or worse
 a bit of a strange one from The Old Buttermarket
logic and proportion, not quite right here.

No problems with MS Windows 10 writing this blog post, very like Windows 7 so far, we did try it on an old laptop without much memory or processing power and had to revert to 7 as the laptop couldn’t cope. 

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