Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Ramsgate maritime museum break in, work starts on the Pleasurama cliff again, a bit more of the paining of Maritime Museum and so on.

I do hope that my pen and watercolour picture of The Maritime Museum isn't in any way related to the recent break-in there. I think I will sketch Lloyds Bank in Ramsgate next as it does have some architectural merit and I guess would be something of a challenge to break into.

 You will all be pleased to know that the museum is open again, thanks to the stalwart work of the volunteers.
 As you can see from the pictures, everything seems to be in order, the museum does't have a proper inventory so there is some doubt about if anything was stolen.
  There are questions about why the alarm didn't work, that may need answering, and some doubt as to whether TDC will allow a successful insurance claim.
While on the subject of museum exhibits the steam tug Cervia has had her new masts fitted.

Well are you a member of the Clique, opening soon. Some thoughts on pronunciation here, for some years The Clique was the main mag for us booksellers, see the pretentious pronouncing it cleek and the rest of us click, so we could have another San Clue situation.

 Once again work on the Pleasurama cliff face, how long it will last this time is anyone's guess

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  1. So the UKIP council said that the Cliff work would start and it has! The counci lare nowstartingto give out press released on their web site such has the one today "Final request issued to Riveroak".


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