Saturday, 5 December 2015

Painting Pictures in Ramsgate today, Harbour Arches from Miles Café Culture and Vinyl Head Café, TDC Manston legal fees, GRIT as a ramble.

Here is the watercolour paining of Ramsgate Harbour Arches from Miles Café Culture, steady progress with this one, with most of Nelson Crescent sketched in, although some roofs to go there.

After about three hours of this I had got tired of painting buildings so I went off to Vinyl Head Café

So a bit more on the Vinyl Head Café watercolour sketch, one of the main advantages there is that it has roof lights and is painted white, so the light is good for painting, or at least as good as you are going to get on a December afternoon in the UK.

TDC’s Manston legal fees to date Falcon Report £26,000, external legal fees £3,180 under Leader Iris Johnston, to December 2014, external legal fees £8,151 under Leader Chris Wells, plus small additional amount to come, to date.

I guess this is all fine and dandy if the council has some genuine chance of a successful cpo resulting in a successful airport, but frankly without an indemnity partner coming up with even phase one, which is to make available to the council more money than the rejected offer of £7m, then this was money down the drain.

To expand on this if the council want to acquire the airport site, the first thing they would have to do as the acquiring authority is to make a reasonable offer for the airport to the current owners, before they could start the cpo process.

The Campaign for Government Reform in Thanet GRIT has started see the idea here being an elected leader of TDC, I suppose this is really the last thing we can try to get some sort of improvement in local government. 

Oh and yes M&S cafe at WC yesterday evening  


  1. Why do you think improvement will come. TDC went to the expense of getting counsel's opinion re the legality of banning animal exports at the port and then decided to ignore it , costing the tax payer a million or 2.


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