Thursday, 10 December 2015

A bit of progress with the painting looking towards Deal Time Ball from Wellingtons Café and of course the painting of the Pleasurama cliff wall.

So here is the picture of Deal seafront, I have added the 50p for scale as people are often disappointed by the size, hopefully I will have to face fewer comments, like. “I though it would be bigger.”

If it's any compensation you can click on the picture to make it much bigger than it really is.

 Here is a photo for aspiring art critics, sorrow with regards to the bits of hand in the way, I am having lessons in mobile phone holding.

Here is Wellington's breakfast, as you see fit for a general. This includes a pot of tea and a glass of orange juice for £5.25.

On to Pleasurama and the council who seem to be saying that the cliff wall that was repainted during the summer, will be repainted during the spring, see the local paper seems to be going along with this 

Whether this means the scaffolding that went up to paint it during the summer will be put up again, or whether they will do a Mr Bean job hasn’t been explained yet.

Oddly enough the contractors paining it seemed to think they had painted it and this mention of a final coat of paint has only come up since mention of the wrong paint being used was made yesterday on facebook, so what had really happened is anyone’s guess. I would say one thing is fairly certain and that is what the council say is unlikely to be what is actually happening.    

Anyway the picture above was of the scaffolding they used to paint the cliff wall with earlier this year, however now it is of the scaffolding they put up and took down prior to painting the cliff wall, isn't it?

This is some kind of zen, right? You know how it is, you have your house repainted, first they put up the scaffolding, then they fill the cracks then they put on the first coat of paint, then they take the scaffolding down, then they put on the final coat of paint. It’s obvious when you think about it. 

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