Monday 14 December 2015

Planning Changes, Ramsgate Harbour Slipways to accommodate Hornby Hobbies Visitor Centre.

Above is the nearest I can get to a comparison between the old approved application and the new one which is in the hands of TDC awaiting planning consent or refusal.

The artist's impressions seem ok the main thing that concerned me about the previous one was that it was a bit on the low side from the flood and storm perspective, this time it's been moved up to comply with the flood risk assessment.

The planning application can be found here I haven't had a chance to read it so haven't got anything much to say, apart from I can't find where the shipyard workshop is on the new plan.


  1. That looks pretty good to me as well, Michael. The earlier and the latest designs are quite similar. These perspective mock-ups give a better impression of what it will look like. I particularly like the decking around the outside.
    I just hope that the unsightly (temporary) building, that has recently been erected to the north and alongside the Hornby Centre, will be removed when the centre is under construction, or better still sooner.

  2. Simon I still can’t see where the slipways offices and workshops go in this new plan, and if we are to retain a working slipway then I assume they must go somewhere.

    The temporary building is just that and sits on load spreading pads not permanent foundations, I would guess it will be demolished after the new development is completed.

    In terms of construction the unusual aspect is that the water goes underneath the development, effectively making it a small pier with all the associated problems, mostly anything floating that gets under it moves up and down with the wave action and hammers the bottom.

    But yes I am extremely concerned that the plans don’t seem to include well designed and attractive workshop and office buildings to replace the temporary workshop building.

  3. It's a slightly odd-looking thing, plonked on top of the slips like that, but at least with the tunnels it starts to make Ramsgate look like a place worth a visit out of season. One does wonder where/how parking for it will work. Personally I've thought for a long time Ramsgate would benefit from less (if not no) traffic along Harbour Parade. The area in front of the Maritime museum would make a pretty good town square/event space if it wasn't full of cars.

  4. To quote The Award also designates the Harbour as a site of industrial importance, one of less than a dozen in the country.
    So what better time to remove the last vestiges of a working harbour.
    It would have been much better to see the slipways improved and proper facilities for the local fishermen ( or should I say in PC language fisher persons or fisher folk ) put in place.


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