Wednesday, 4 January 2017

More old local pictures, some sort of ramble type of kidney

Two days work in the bookshop, fortunately tomorrow is our closing day, unfortunately the paper recycling needs doing, these are the bad books, the ones that won’t even sell for 5 and 10p, about a tonne of them, so lots of lifting involved.

I know this isn’t a plumbing blog but I do wonder why the common all garden tap got redesigned, the new type that relies on 0 rings and a brass hexogen in a brass hexagonal hole don’t arf disagree with Thanet’s hard water.

Back in the day we had a guesthouse in Augusta Road, 9 bedrooms with hot and cold in each, I am very glad we didn’t have the new design of tap then as I think it would have needed an in house plumber. I know you only have to take them all to pieces and lubricate them with bar soap or silicone grease if you want to be posh, but the old ones you could soft soap them without taking them all to pieces, just the top nut.

I suppose the new design is to make them wear out quicker so you have to buy new ones.

Sorry ‘bout that but I have never had a moan about a congenital Thanet problem before and I thought I would give it a go, honestly given the climate, beaches, sunsets it was hard pushed to come up with one, hard water was all I could think of.

Priced too many books, see obviously need to get out more.

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  1. Its not always easy to get hold of a good plumber so recently I did some DIY plumbing using JG Speedfit push fittings. Well recommended as they are re-usable unlike some push fit. So for the cost of a £4 pipe cutter and £6 for tap box spanner I saved a small fortune and did not have to wait for the job to be done. I am not sure how long they will last but I now have ceramic valve kitchen taps but I know that I can just pull them off when the time comes.


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