Sunday, 29 January 2017

Ok let’s get the yoghurt go to Turner Contemporary and get in the lift together and some old pictures of Thanet, sorry I’m sure you can work it out with a pencil.

Having had a big dose of contemporary art, see yesterday’s post I found I am still in rather a heightened frame of mind.

So first the pictures of the new art installation in the lift, just some more to add to my collection to Thanet pictures, more of this in a mo.

With contemporary art you usually get a good sized sheet of instructions, so a quick glance at the ones for the lift, before looking at the photos of the exhibit:- “As part of Entangled: Threads & Making, Turner Contemporary’s spring exhibition, Samara Scott has created a new artwork, Old Lake, for the gallery’s lift. Using a combination of carpet, food coloring and yoghurt, Scott’s artwork will entirely cover the walls of the lift...” Not sure if the American spelling of colouring is deliberate and part of the installation experience or just a spelling mistake like JWM Turner’s studbook.

“Scott is inspired by traditional arts, citing JMW Turner as inspiration. She says: “by using very crude materials, it’s imitating something that’s very serious – like painting in a pritt-sticky way. The work has been specifically designed for the lift, it’s important that visitors can get in and get up close to it – it should be an overwhelming experience.”

Please also note the warning notice for the lift

 It says on the back of the photo, Driver C Crow nigger mistral A Kirby 1920, I believe the location to be Minster. Note also the solid tyres so a bumpy ride all round and not something we would put up with today.
 Diving into the harbour just before the arrival of the safety elf, I do whish the council would put the resources into a properly supervised diving board rather than spending the money trying to stop people form diving.  
 An unusual picture this one, it’s of the work being done to replace the ten square miles of Thanet that got washed away during the 1953 tidal surge storm.  

 One here of the Mayor of Ramsgate greeting a carnival queen.
 A couple of pictures of the crew of The New Moss Rose Captain William Thomas Watson, the central figure seated.

I spent the morning in Canterbury, had a bit more of a go at my watercolour of the medieval wall paintings in the crypt of the cathedral, the main issue with this is that I used only watercolour paint and as the painting progresses problems are occurring with the perspective and the positioning of things within the picture.

I think I may have to go back to drawing the thing in pencil and rubbing it out as I progress, so I drew a pencil sketch to think about, any thoughts on this gratefully appreciated. 

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  1. Michael, A diving board is an excellent idea. But I suggest that TDC dare not instal one for fear of being sued in the event of an accident. Unless they can get insurance.


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