Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Terry Pratchett, Wilber Smith, John Banville and Garth Nix pencil and watercolour sketches. Some old Ramsgate pictures.

Having been about a year away from the pencil while concentrating on drawing in watercolour I am now using both again.

I think this post is about getting a likeness, although it’s difficult to tell with painting the authors you are reading or have just read, the scientific explanation being that what you know about the author and what you have read of theirs means your subconscious mind changes the picture. 

Anyway here in my bookshop in-between helping customers with local history questions, finding them the books they want to read I painted another couple of authors on my bit of paper, using the pencil and watercolour technique.

To do this I use a 0.5 mm propelling pencil a propelling rubber, a paper tissue to wipe the brushes, a number 1 and a number 0 sable watercolour brush and a watercolour paintbox that I have squirted paint from tubes into and let dry out.

So today I have added Terry Pratchett and Wilber Smith to the John Banville and Garth Nix watercolours I did yesterday. 

I did take some progress photos which will expand if you click on them 

 note having sketched the face in in pencil I rub most of the pencil out before slapping the paint on.

I think the next there pictures are of the mill that used to be in Grange Road Ramsgate  

 The next one Harbour Parade in Ramsgate in 1815 looking towards where the pavilion would be built in about 90 years

and finally one from the days of Thanet political harmony
Finally here are the books that went out in bookshop today http://michaelsbookshop.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/et-in-bookshop.html

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