Monday, 3 August 2020

one mystery church and one mystery tug and some Ramsgate photos from 10 years ago

 Q1 Which Thanet Church

Q2 Which Thanet Tug

next photo from 10 ears ago

Ramsgate photos August 2nd 2020

I have been working hard as the four people who work part time in the bookshop have been coming in doing improvements for when we can reopen.

I put it to all of them. "Do you want stay furloughed or come in painting, making book shelve and so on? " Of course we can't open until we can buy books and as buying books means, sorting through piles of them in people's cars and houses, we just aren't allowed to.

Configuring two different bubbles, one for the bookshop and one for our flat above, proved to be more difficult than I had anticipated.

So no walk and no photos from today.

next yesterday's answers
 Bucket dredger "Hope"

 Hollyoaks Cycles King Street Ramsgate

Holy Trinity Broadstairs

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