Monday, 19 January 2009

Computer maintenance

Having just had a chat to a friend who is even more computer illiterate than I am, he had just been through worm worry and done his windows updates, it is obvious that all is not well and he asked me what else he could do click here for this information, this may also be of help to Peter as well.

For those of us who know these things it may serve as a reminder to do what we should be doing.


  1. Thanks Michael. I am reasonably competent with computers, & I do all that you listed (I also use AVG, & I have McAfee firewall). I am slightly limited though; because (or so it seems) Microsoft won't let me download most of their updates, I can't do things such as upgrade from IE6 to IE7, though I find some sites (such as Facebook & YouTube) work better in Firefox anyway.

  2. These are also very useful for cleaning up your computer:

    ccleaner ( deletes various temporary files, cookies etc and also lets you look at and delete start up programs - like those that get installed with camera and phone software etc.)

    ad-aware, spybot search & destroy, superantispyware - all remove those annoying ads and other harmful programs.

    All can be downloaded for free from


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