Friday, 23 January 2009

Council removes timber washed ashore

Thanet district Council press release

The council has mobilised teams to begin removal of the timber, which is washing up on beaches around Thanet. The council is working closely with the police and coastguard, who are also on scene. We would advise people to stay away from the areas where the timber is being washed up.


  1. There was a lorry on the promenade with one guy on it and his mate passing the timber up to him.The guy on the lorry was telling his mate could he make sure the next piece of wood he passes up to him is straighter than the last. It did make me smile

  2. It was an interesting day, people were helping each other with a team spirit I haven't seen for a long time, Thanet people working together with loading etc., great stuff. One lorry got stuck in the sand and everybody stopped what they were doing to get him out. There was a lot of passing of information and mobile phones were definately the Jungle drums, an information network was in place. It turned out that the 3x3 5 metre lengths were the most highly prized and some people were seeking only that size.These lengths were turning up in quantity to the North of Broadstairs. Strange how Ramsgate beach was planking and North of Braodstairs had a good quantity of posts.In Joss Bay there was a vechicle and a gang gathering up wood with great efficiency, I suspect they must be the salvagers because they were working at a pace.
    I had been scouting the coastline since the tide ebbed and gave out information of tidal times because I was in area where people could be cut off with their vehicles.


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