Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Laura Sandys press release

Daniel Hannan MEP was in Sandwich on Saturday evening to discuss with Laura Sandys the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate the ridiculous proposal by Brussels to regulate recreational anglers.

“I was appalled to hear that Brussels is going to require licences and apply fish quotas to every angler who goes out on a boat to catch a couple of fish on a Sunday, ” said Laura Sandys, Sandwich and Thanet’s Conservative candidate.

“In essence, the EU wants to extend the Common Fisheries Policy to recreational anglers. Sporting fishermen, who go out in small boats or fish from piers, will be required to purchase licences and to log every fish. At present, while they keep the odd fish for personal consumption, most sea anglers return their catches to the water. In some cases, they tag them first, contributing to conservation programmes. If the European Commission gets its way, they will be forced to land every tiddler they catch, and to count their quota against the national one. “said Daniel Hannan MEP for the South East Region, at a meeting in Sandwich on Saturday.

“Can you imagine the impact on leisure fishing from Sandwich or even those fishing off the pier in Ramsgate. We are going to fight this as we have fought against the current Common Fisheries Policy.” Said Laura.

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