Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Pleasurama minor update

The delay to the work to pin the unstable part of the concrete cliff façade (the unpainted bit) to he chalk behind was caused by the contractor not being able to get hold of the specialist drilling equipment they needed.

I have been told that this equipment should be ready in two weeks time and work will commence then.

The next problem will be to resolve the issues raised in the Environment Agency’s letter so that the development isn’t blighted, by that I mean conforms to a flood risk assessment.

The height above sea level on maps and plans is measured in meters above OND the recent flood risk assessments in this area say that buildings on the foreshore should be on top of a sea defence about 7 meters above ODN and set fairly well back because of wave overtopping.

With global warming we are expecting static high tides of 5.6 meters above ODN with waves on top of that.

The lowest part of the cliff behind the Pleasurama site is 21.7 meters above ODN so this leaves room for a building 14.7 meters high, the various different sets of plans for the Royal Sands Development show a building between 18 and 16.75 meters tall.

Or if you take the common sense approach and work it out for yourself, here are four residential floors, you need about 3 meters per floor to have high enough ceilings the thickness of the floor and a gap to put all the wires and pipes into. There is also the ground floor, you need about 6 meters for this mainly so lorries can get through the car park to make deliveries to the various service entrances and fire engines can get in, this all adds up to 18 meters, and yes you could possibly chop off about 1.25 meters but no more.

So now we have a long established local building firm with a very good track record tendering for the project, however the remit that has caused the previous builders to pull out i.e. to fit a 5 story building into a space big enough for a 4 story building still appears to stand, I wonder what will happen next.

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