Friday, 10 September 2010

Are Thanet District Council Anti-Semitic and against multi-culturalism?

There are various historic buildings open in Thanet this weekend; among them are several places of worship.

There is a link on the councils homepage called “Heritage Open Days come to Margate” this takes you to the following page St. John’s Parish Church and Margate Baptist Church but nothing about the two Thanet synagogues that are open this weekend; Montefiore Synagogue and Thanet & District Reform Synagogue.

Strangely enough the other historic buildings that are open in Ramsgate aren’t mentioned either St George's Church and The Grange, so perhaps the council are just Anti-Ramsgate and not Anti-Semitic, these things are a bit difficult to decode from the signals that come from the council.

I don’t think there is any way the council didn’t know about these buildings being open as this is an annual thing, indeed councillors and council officers go and look at the buildings and I have met some of them there.

I also posted about these buildings being open at and I know that some of the local councillors and council officers read this blog, so presumably they must have known about it that way too.

Anyway I have made an official complaint to the council that they have behaved Anti-Semitically, as I believe councils are supposed to behave multiculturally.

This is particularly important in this instance as Moses Montefiore was one of the most prominent forerunners of multi-culturalism in the UK and his relationship with this country was vital to the forming of the multi-cultural society we enjoy today.


  1. Well said Michael my blog is called Promote Thanet and I always try to put Thanet and even the council forward in a good light. But TDC who employ a whole IT department cant even promote anything. And as for Anti-Semitic I hope the national press get hold of the issue and make an issue of the mess that is Thanets promotion, maybe then we will have a tourism department that is worthy rather than the joke we have now.

  2. Why read something into something that isn't at all true - the headline reads MARGATE... the last time I looked the Synagogue/Grange are in Ramsgate !!!!

  3. Don I have to concede that when I complained they were being homophobic by not promoting Thanet Pride on there website, they did promote it and I withdrew the complaint.

    This time I received the following email:
    “Good Afternoon

    I have forwarded your email to our Communications department for

    Kind Regards

    Customer Services
    Thanet District Council
    Telephone : 01843 577000
    Fax: 01843 577593”

    I don’t quite know what to make of it, does it mean I will receive a communication from their communications department, do you think? Or does it mean there communications department will communicate with their IT department?

  4. 20.32. Does this mean you think that it is Ramsgate that they are discriminating against? Or does this mean that you think what the council have put on their website to promote these open days is fair and balanced?

  5. I think tdc are anti anything Ramsgate, and without doubt anti semitic, the comments made by certain directors if they were recorded would make the press as did a certain cllr's email.
    lip service to the audit commission to tick the box of diversity training and nothing else.

  6. Michael Multiculturalism (the belief and promotion that all cultures within one country have equal merit) is unlawful in UK.

    There was a multicultural experiment which was reported to Tony Blair as a failure (after the Lozells riot)

    Then the same social theorist proponents of multiculturalism came up with a new catchword "Interculturalism".

    This is a country that for centuries developed a Common Law that all persons are equal under the law, that no one can be above the law and that all have equal rights to enjoy peace.

    Now even, for example, complaining against police there is an IPCC form to tick your "Ethnicity"

    Hitler would have loved all this official racial categorizing. And we are supposed to have beaten him to eradicate his doctrine.

    The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry created tensions that did not exist before.

    People have been fooled that the inquiry advanced us as a society. Fact is the serious truth is that Stephen did not get justice. His murder was exploited to promote the anti white sentiments of his Socialist Worker Party mother and her mate who is now Baroness Ros Howells.

    I spoke to Ros Howells during the Lawrence roadshow period. She knew that Kent Police were cross case compromised whilst conducting the Lawrence Inquiry into Met handling of the murder inquiry.

    Det Sgt Davidson

    At the time Kent Plod conducted the Lawrence Inquiry they were refusing to report to their own police authority on matters including the security history of Deal Barracks and their investigation of the 1989 IRA bombing.

    As you know last year James Shortt was exposed as bogus former SAS bringing calls for further inquiry into his use of Deal Royal Marines gym and of Kent gun ranges.

    And a Croydon (Charlie Kray) line of inquiry is involved which raises the name of Det Sgt Guess Who.

    Small world eh EX CHIEF CONSTABLE FULLER who built his acclerated promotion on the Lawrence Inquiry and his creation of the black police officers assn. Handy the black attorney general got him into a nice civvie CPS job and out of the way of another judicial review re the cross case compromise of the Lawrence Inquiry.

    Three major religions in UK all agree that in their view homosexuality is a sin.

    So how can multiculturalism ever work ? It is irrational. To promote as valid their cultures as having equal merit with gay culture ? To accept that a culture of religion within which there is condemnation and hatred of gay people has merit. It doesn't have merit does it ?

    That is why I only practice Common Law that all people have equal rights to peaceful existence.

    And wait for the postwar social experiment socially divisive unlawful experiment to run its course.

  7. Michael, you are rapidly turning into a clone of Tim G and his famed 'Garbled' other blog!, You will be running as a'Green'MP for Thanet next

  8. Not the easiest page to find, but its there after spending an hour looking for it.


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