Friday, 3 September 2010

Kent Terrace new house shorter than expected

If you compare the plan above
with the picture above, you will see that the windows in the new building don’t seem to have come out at the level they should have done compared to the buildings each side.
Click on the pictures to enlarge them.


  1. Well spotted Michael. Maybe things can be corrected with a wedge, if you get my drift. So what's the point of plans? So what's the point of the department that approves them? So what's the point of the department that inspects them? So what's the point of the department that enforces them? I really can't see much point in asking such questions as those that should give answers don't.

  2. Another question: does it REALLY matter?

  3. 21.38 with respect to the height issue here, I really don’t think the planning department are at fault as the front wall of the building has only just appeared, so it is unlikely that they knew.

    Obviously I have informed the planning enforcement department that something has gone wrong and that the building is different to the approved plans.

    9.55 I suppose there are various levels at which this may be important and they relate to why the building is a different to the height shown in the plans.

    It looks like about three feet have gone missing somewhere, so I suppose if this has happened on one floor it could mean that height of the ceilings in one of the flats has been reduced from about eight feet to about five, this would mean that the people living in it wouldn’t be able to stand up.

    But yes it does really matter, we have a complex and expensive planning organisation in place, we also have complex building regulations in place. The object here is to ensure that such development that occurs is both safe to live in and suitable for the site that it occurs on.

    I don’t really know what is going on this particular site, only that what is being built there is not the same as what is shown in the approved plans.

  4. so the same builder or architect that build the Granville house extension, or as usually another snafu by the tdc planning dept, or is it just the old brown envelope game again.

  5. 14:14 u are surely not suggesting that there is something dodgy about the tdc planning department, after all they are punctillious in making sure that the terms of all the agreements with Manston airport are fully complied with....NOT


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