Tuesday, 21 September 2010

No Powerboat Weekend

With ECR rising from the grave only to say he is going see http://eastcliffrichard.blogspot.com/2010/09/dfl-goes-btl.html something that may not be absolutely correct, time will tell. I noticed that it says on his sidebar 24-25 Ramsgate Powerboat Fest instead of getting all excited I thought I would confirm this first.

Nothing on the council’s websites but this doesn’t really mean anything much, Port Ramsgate didn’t know anything about it, so I rang the tourist information office. If you don’t mind waiting for their automated telephone to tell you about things you may not want to know about and then select from five options all of which seem to take you to the same place. You do get to a person who, yes, seems to know about local events, she/he consults a sacred text referred to as the list, oh how I wish this thing was available online.

Here is the number, it really is the only reliable way I have found to find out what’s on in Thanet 577577.

The long and the short of all this is, yes we have no powerboat weekend and I have another cup of tea, symptomatic of speaking to someone who has been trained.

Here are the pictures of the powerboat thing in 2007 http://www.thanetonline.com/pb/id6.htm


  1. Well what a suprise !!! it used to cost £25,000 to put on the Power boat weekend, TDC decided this year to spend £53,000 on the moster bass festival so the the pockets were empty.

  2. I must chip in to say the Monster Bass was excellent, and could turn out to be one of the best annual events in Thanet.

  3. I know a few facts spoil a good arguement, but to be accurate, the Monster Bass was funded 50/50 between TDC and Ramsgate Town Council and cost just over £30k.
    Ramsgate Town Council worked hard to get the Power Boat event, which was to be funded through a comercial pop concert in King George IV park. Unfortunately, TDC as landowners eventually refused permission to use the park.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. oops, deleted my comment re the audio clip, I will repeat, How very offensive to the Irih and the mentally ill, I thought better of you Michael

  6. Thanks for the info Dave, it is always very helpful when we get to hear about what the town council gets up to. If people don’t get told that they are actually doing these things then they are inclined to think it is all a bit of a waste of money.

    Interesting observation Ken, I assume that was a typo unless you are defending Irih the deviant artist. I was wondering in our politically correct new world are the English and Scottish also races to be excluded from humour along with the Irish and the mentally ill.

    Anyway if you are either Irish or mentally ill please accept my humble apologies for embedding the video an I will be happy to remove it, if you are neither then I am afraid that there isn’t much I can do for you.

  7. Come on Ken, you used to laugh at such humour before you became a councilor. Take that silly politically correct hat off, it makes you look stupid.

  8. in response to Cllr Green, the figure of £53,ooo was given by tdc in response to a freedom of information request.
    So i guess like everything else in thanet to do with local government you can't trust a single word or figure given by anyone.

  9. Anon 2035, All I know is that I felt the 'joke' was offensive

  10. Ken, you're showing double standards. Oh, I see you're Chairman of the Planning Committee. Well done Ken!

  11. Do you know, I have never supported ken since he left the Labour Party, but now I see why he did! At least he speaks up for those who cannot do so themselves.

    My brother committed suicide after a mental breakdown, so does that mean his memory should be a butt for everyones jokes?

    Keep it up Ken, those who lampoon you have obviously not been blessed with at least one brain cell

  12. Anonymouse 20:35 and 18:18September 24, 2010 6:54 am

    You’ve missed a couple of points Mary. Ken will know only too well that he used to laugh at such humour with his former workmates. That was the point of my earlier post, not ridiculing the mentally ill.

    Since you appear to accuse me of some evil deed, I would impress upon you that the film clip was just a JOKE and nothing more. The ability to laugh at ourselves and others around us is a great therapy. Nobody is making anyone the butt of any joke, that’s just your perception. Just for the record, someone close to me has also suffered mental health problems, but now manages to laugh about it as part of the cure.

    Where do we stop with such humour? Do we stop laughing about old age, youth, gender, intellect, colour, race, religion? If we do there won’t be much left to laugh about, which I suggest would lead to more mental health problems.

    Now I’m deeply offended and disturbed by your pointed comment about me not being blessed with at least one brain cell. How did you find out it was me when I posted anonymously!


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