Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Pinch and a Punch it’s the first of the month and some thoughts on the Thanet blogs.

With the bookshop I learnt long ago to put aside how the shop is doing in terms of profit and loss, or more basically how busy it is, how many boos are sold and at what price, leaving these concerns to my annual review with my accountant.

There really is only one approach and that is to give each person who comes into the shop as much help as one can, regardless of whether they spend any money or not.

With the blog my reviews, essentially the question, is it worth bothering with? This is a monthly task, mainly because blogging takes up quite a bit of time. The answer pretty much always comes down as a yes, mainly because it fits in well with working in a shop.

The computer is in front of me and there are gaps in the day where blogging fits in very easily.

There is no doubt that when it comes to local news the Thanet blogging scene isn’t what it was, this is partly because the local councillors who used to blog regularly and about local issues just don’t anymore.

It’s a long time since any of them made much effort to tell us what is going on in local politics, let alone published something controversial.

Another loss to the blogging scene in Thanet Strife, and I do wonder if in today’s Thanet blogging scene, if there are things passing under the radar that shouldn’t be.

Here is the link to last months web stats for this blog that tells you how many people came here by clicking on a link on another website.

It is the nearest I can get to gauging the popularity of the various other local blogs and however you look at it, it certainly seems as though it is only Eastcliff Richard who is maintaining popularity.

These statistics are based mostly on the blogrolls on the side bars of most Thanet blogs, these are the links to other blogs that update automatically when someone puts up a new post.

Linking on the internet is traditionally an area of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Obviously if you go to the effort of writing some sort of website you want people to read what you have written. With this website nearly half the people who come here come because they have clicked a link on another website and the most likely way of getting those websites to link to your site is to link to their site.

So many thanks to all of the people who have links to this site and my apologies if I have left any Thanet blogs off my blogroll, if you want inclusion please let me know.

Also thanks to the 3,490 people who visited this site last month.


  1. Yes but recently a number of ECR's threads stayed without comment until "Green Blazer Chep" kicked them off.

  2. But we dont want ECR thinking he is popular now do we?

  3. Your posting prompted some of my own thoughts on local blogging, since I have difficulty in being concise I did my own verbose post on the subject and almost as a postcript taking rankings from Wikio website this site is currently the highest ranked so well done although the list is not exhaustive.


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