Tuesday 31 August 2010

A Little Local History

I have been working on my history of Ramsgate and have decided that this needs to start in some sort context with the geography of the Isle of Thanet.

It is an interesting thought that after about eight hundred years of trying to conserve and reclaim as much land as we can from the sea, things seem now to moving towards letting nature take its course.

I am wondering if many of the more senior academics working in the field of ecology and the environment were once hippies and have been pondering the line from the Sex Pistol’s song. Never trust a hippy.

It does look as though the worst case scenario in terms of rising sea levels over the next hundred years is about two metres (about the height of the average door) and I do wonder if the simple solution isn’t just raising the sea defences by this much.

One thing I am fairly certain of is that the people who ultimately make the decisions as to whose homes and land is swallowed up by the sea will all be highly paid and be able to afford to live on high ground.

Anyway here is my very rough start of my history, the pictures are small and low definition at this stage, as it makes them easier to manage http://www.michaelsbookshop.com/rh/

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  1. The height of a door to protect homes and agricultural land in a time when cheap accessible food may have once again become an issue.Surely we can trust our "leaders" to do the intelligent thing....We're doomed!