Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Simon Moores Thanet Life Blog, Goalposts move back.

Some of you may remember my handbags at dawn spat with Simon last week, see Simon has now allowed my comment and it has appeared on his blog.
As far as I am concerned this means that I will return to commenting on his blog, so many thanks to Simon.
The pictures are of Saint Saviours Church Westgate on Sea


  1. What a very ornate organ.

  2. Mind, as a committed atheist, I think the church would be better converted into low-cost housing.

  3. 1023. As usual, the Richard Dawkins approach. That building was built by committed people who do not deserve to be so denigrated. In fact the term "committed atheist" is a non sequitor since atheism does not require commitment, merely a negative approach to anyone else's belief values. How can you commit to believing nothing? And no, I'm at best a hopeful agnostic.
    If you follow your warped logic then all our public buildings - libraries, pubs, social clubs etc would be turned into low cost housing.

  4. Oh dear Andrew, such visceral remarks. My logic isn't warped at all, but hey, there are more important things than arguing with one who has to be rude.


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