Friday, 18 October 2013

Chris Warner exhibition at the York Street Gallery Ramsgate and Something Fishy; The Little Arch Gallery.

Here are the pictures of the Chris Warner exhibition, on until Wednesday, as well as being an artist Chris is the bass player in Brad Pittance and the Pirates, see

Carrying on with the art theme some pictures of Something Fishy, another gallery worth visit, and easy for me as I can incorporate in my lunchtime walk.

I have been to see the new exhibitions at The Turner Contemporary in Margate twice in the last week and hope do some sort of review of them in the next few days, this isn’t as easy as it seems as the main exhibition is about 70 landscape paintings from the same period and therefore similar in style. The net result being that I have so far only managed to come out dazed and confused.  


  1. Never ceased to be amazed at the talent displayed at some of our local exhibitions. Not made the new Turner Contemporary ones yet, but I like period landscape paintings so will make the effort next week.

    1. William 75 landscapes painted by a variety of different artists, between about 1750 and about 1850, including Turner and Constable. The paintings are not labelled underneath but there is a label on each wall which links to the numbers adjacent to each painting. The catalogue £15 in the gallery or £10 inc p&p on amazon has different numbering to the numbers in the gallery.

      Not sure what the effect is on most people, but with me it was dazed and confused, it is my intention to do either a blog post or series of blog posts, listing all of the pictures with the correct numbering and a link to the picture of the picture and the description of the picture on the Tate Gallery website.

      I think the hanging intention was something along the lines of: loads of artists of this period were as good as Turner and Constable, so we will mix them all up and see if you can spot the difference. This doesn’t work however if you already know this and recognise about a third of the pictures – which is about where I stand – to me I is an opportunity to see them and at the very least be able to recognise the again, if not even make some progress towards appreciating some of them.

    2. Thanks, Michael, certainly sounds confusing though I guess the paintings are still good to look at regardless of the artist. My problem at the moment is low energy after a long haul of treatment and my ambition frequently exceeds my current physical capability. Walked around Dover castle last week, as a first major outing in months, and that was not too bad. Hence the Turner should, in theory, be a doddle.

  2. Gentlemen, We visited Turner last week and then, at the end of each coffee table type seat in the gallery were photocopied A4 sheets which listed each numbered painting with brief descriptive details. We found the numbered arrangements really easy to follow. Michael, you should be inspired by the note that almost all of the works on show were painted 'on location' rather than in a studio. We shall return as it is all to much to absorb in one visit. I have been more dazed and confused in certain used book shops!

    1. A difficult one for me Col, I mostly paint and draw on location and have done a few paintings and drawings relating to The Turner Contemporary, in fact if you google, Turner Contemporary artist and click on the image tab I believe you will find more of my paintings and drawings there than anyone else’s.

      Art is an interest of mine and indeed I used the printed lists, bought the catalogue, discussed the issue with the gallery staff and so on.

      But yes I am inspired by this exhibition, have been to it twice already, will make rough sketches of the paintings there and so on.

      Landscape painting isn’t my bag really, if you remember the exhibition, the first two paintings were one by Turner and one by Constable the third being by Stubbs and. What? Yes, or is it no? The Stubbs, what was it called? Some racing place Newmarket I think, but for me it sums up why landscape isn’t my bag, it is a Stubbs but there is no horse in the picture.

      What I am trying to get at here had the Stubbs had a horse in it, then the labelling and numbering would have been less of a problem, granted in the distance was the racecourse’s fence, so yes if I encounter the painting again, I will know what it is, but yes still dazed and confused.


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