Sunday, 29 December 2013

Van Dyck before and after a bit more storm damage and the further Sunday ramblings of a deranged shop assistant.

With my own propensity for. What? Doodling with paint I guess would be a fair description although with watercolour – which is what I have used so far – although I am never entirely certain whether it is the runniness of the medium that is more creative or me. I was interested in the vicar’s Van Dyck in the news, although more from the artistic point of view, I tried the internet for before and after pictures, that is before the restoration which seemed to be removing the efforts of later artists to. What? Improve the painting, bring it more up to date, make it more like a photograph; not really sure something like that.   

Anyway here are the two pictures of the Van Dyck.
Van Dyck before the later additions were removed.

Van Dyck after restoration and presumably much more as it was when Van Dyck had first painted it.

One of the presents I got for Christmas is an oil painting art box that converts into an easel,
 something that should make it much easier for me to have a go at oil painting, where unlike watercolour you can indeed keep on painting over the top of what you have already painted, possibly eventually to arrive with something like a photograph. This isn’t really the direction I want to go in, but I am interested in being able to put light colours on top of dark ones, which is difficult to do with watercolour.    

The recent high wind, or perhaps another Santa sledging accident had brought down See Well Opticians sign here in King Street Ramsgate, fortunately I don’t think anyone was underneath it at the time.

I have just noticed the new radar on Ramsgate’s port control (Eagle Café), sorry once again the mobile phone camera just doesn’t cut the mustard, you may see something by expanding the photo.  

I did get a clip on lens attachment for my phone camera which extends the range of lens length from this

To this. 
Although a digital slr will let you even further than this
Harbour Chocolate Lounge has opened in one of the harbour arches and although I didn’t get time to try it out today I will asap.

I will endeavour to ramble on here 

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