Sunday, 1 December 2013

A pinch of the ped, shoe shopping, Andy Warhol, webstats, art, think about paint think about glue, what a jolly boring thing to do.

Shoe shopping for school shoes today and – for that matter Friday evening too – if you have children this is a serious and expensive business, which if you are a committed vegetarian must be a lot more difficult, as it seems to only be the leather ones that last for more than a month.

Wet Westwood Cross pavements seemed so slippery and having nearly stacked it on a couple of occasions I realised that my own shoes must have turned into racing slicks, so while the shoe shopping for children went on, I started trying on shoes for myself.

There have been two blogs about Ramsgate art exhibitions in the last week Emily Tull and Martin Grover for me this can be very difficult, especially if the exhibitions are exceptionally good ones and these both are.

The fragmented faces were already daydreaming in my mind when I encountered the acrylics of the records, which compounded with Andy, what happens if you paint one of his record covers, banana wise are there others apart from the cola centrefold. What would you infringe?    

What does Candy say? And have I come to hate my blogging?

Here is the possible answer for the other Thanet bloggers, referral stats for this site for November are you waving or drowning? Drinking the water or the wave type of thingy.

Got my shoes in the end, dad can we go to The Works, all that retail Clerks and snags even at £70 and in the end it wasn’t while the children tried on shoes in shoe shoppes, but when they were doing their Christmas shopping in Ramsgate Garden Centre, Shuropody £38.50, hand made leather uppers and liners.
At my age, 59, putting on new shows and being able to walk after two hours in them, yes fantastic recommend. 

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  1. LOL love the new shoes my kids all buy their own now. I cant believe that another month has gone by I might try the anonymous blogger thingie I hate comment moderation and have stopped getting the anon spammers, well I hope I have.


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