Thursday, 4 September 2014

Watercolour painting from Turner Contemporary Margate, a few thoughts on the gallery taking coals or in this case red roses to Newcastle ramble

 Here is the watercolour painting from Turner Contemporary Margate, the drawing is ink, size S Pitt Pen, love it or hate it the gallery is iconic, which is very handy from the artist’s point of view inasmuch as no matter how badly you paint it people are going to recognise it.
 About half way through the painting, which took about an hour someone took the umbrella on the right of the painting and put it up in my way, I bet Renoir never had this sort of trouble with the parapluies, I mean what do you do about this sort of thing?

I did the art gallery backwards this time, instead of looking at exhibitions, gaining the inspiration and painting the picture. When I turned up at the gallery and saw the vacant table with the view, I secured it with an Americano; reservé a la caffé painted the picture, looked at the Mondrians, decided that Mondrian was a bit lazy.
 The new exhibition there is almost a maze in mdf, sorry, Krijn de Koning “Dwelling”

I managed to pick up James Patterson’s Roses are Red which is the next book in the Alex Cross series I am reading and my own bookshop let me down by not having this title in stock.     
 Turner Contemporary have one of the most remarkable garden hose taps I have ever seen, it even drips out of the keyhole, which is Alice in Wonderland, Alice’s tears flooding the room, for me at least.

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