Thursday, 23 April 2015

Day off in Dover, a ramble.

Although we often visit Dover Castle, we haven’t done the Dover shops for years, we didn’t get very long because of getting back to Ramsgate by the time the school finishes.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but I guess something at least as bad as the closed shop situation in the Thanet towns, however as Dover Hasn’t had an out of town shopping centre built next to it, the big ones like M&S are still there.

I was very much aware of an air pollution problem, not sure if this was the industry in Northern France, the large amount of traffic, the ferries or all of these things mixed together, but it was noticeable and on a fairly windy day. You could certainly smell the ferry smell that we used to get in Ramsgate on calmb days, I would say a problem that needs investigating.

I had an issue with my phone camera, which I thought was settings, but turned out to be the lens needing cleaning so there are a lot of photos because I was trying to get rid of what looks like a haze around the buildings. 

Dover suffered badly from wartime bombing, the result, Victorian and Georgian buildings with a lot of postwar architecture is an interesting mix.

We ate at Dickens Corner Café, good clean with straightforward reasonably priced food and an interesting view from the first floor tables.   

The books I bought for my bookshop more than covering the costs.


  1. Sorry about that Don, the camera was playing up and i was too lazy to go through and delete the bad ones.

  2. Wasn't a complaint just a statement of fact. I used to do a similar thing visiting the junk shops to pay for my day out. Miss those days.

  3. I guess Don that I take much of my pleasure from looking at books, so wherever I go, charity shops, junk shops, bookshops, bootfairs, it’s the books I make for and the books I buy.


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