Sunday, 26 April 2015

A drawing of Canterbury Cathedral, a painting of Canterbury and a ramble from the bookshop in Ramsgate.

As it was a dull damp and drizzly day we made for Canterbury, on days like this my children like to look in the clothes shops.

Buying a few books along the way I made for Café Chambers, as far as I know the only case or restaurant in Canterbury which has a table with a view of the cathedral, having secured the table by devious means

here is the pen drawing of the Canterbury Cathedral

and a photograph of the same view for aspiring art critics. To be honest there is a lot of repetition in the architecture of this bit of the cathedral, which can be a bit boring to draw, there are also strange variations which catch you out.

Having sat for far to long I went and wandered around mostly in the cathedral grounds and took a few photos.

At this point I realised that I wanted to do the other view from Canteen, i.e. looking out of the same window as last Sunday but looking the other way along the street.

So here is the painting from Canteen in Canterbury.

Here are the books bought today in Canterbury for my bookshop in Ramsgate, I always seem to need Tintin, Asterix and books about almost every Kent town. Obviously most of my book stock I brought to my bookshop by people who want to sell it or get exchange vouchers so they can get more books and a certain amount comes from my going out to buy largish collections from people’s houses, mostly because a book collector has died. This means that when I go out, the books I buy tend to be to make up the ones we never seem to have enough of.

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