Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Two years since Margaret Thatcher died a ramble about politics

I guess most of us know how it is with computers and the internet, you get some strange message saying that Google has produced a story from your pictures, or Facebook has selected something you wrote a year ago to the day, and do you want to re-post it.

For the most part we are a very long way from the monkey at the typewriter writing Shakespeare, but sometimes the automaton seems almost prophetic. Anyway Facebook seems to have started a new thing called, share a memory, so they sent me a notification of the picture I posted 2 years ago today which was the Thatcher St Peter at the gates cartoon, frankly I doesn’t seem to be anything like 2 years ago.

Anyway now here in South Thanet we have become the centre of a national political struggle because the leader of UKIP is standing in this seat.

There are various aspects of this that I guess as a local blogger I ought to say something about. My first thought on this one is would having an MP who is also a major figure in a minor party be beneficial to us here in Thanet South?

Going on what has happened so far as the result of voting for UKIP here, which was the last election for MEPs and KCC councillors, we don’t seem to have benefited that much. Our UKIP member of the European Parliament doesn’t seem to have got anything for Thanet, tried to fiddle her expenses in Margate and has been expelled from UKIP. Our UKIP KCC councillors don’t seem to have got much for Thanet either.  

I am not so sure that the Conservatives choosing a very anti Europe candidate who was a founder member of UKIP was such a good idea either, there is a sense of voting for a parachuted in candidate that wants to get us out of Europe or voting for a parachuted in candidate that wants to get us out of Europe or voting Labour or voting for a candidate who can’t possibly get elected.  

Sorry if my political thoughts are a bit fragmented the contractors for Lewisham council are using a pneumatic drill in the huge shop opposite that TDC bought for them to turn into social housing.

At lunch time I ran away from the drill to Evolution Café further along King Street, where I had lunch – all day breakfast and a pot of tea for £5 – which seemed very reasonable to me.

So here is the sketch of inside Evolution Café in Ramsgate, not that great as all done in my lunch hour along with the eating of lunch.

Certainly the idea of voting for the Reality or the Green Party becomes more attractive after every hour of Lewisham Council’s pneumatic drill, I guess the main issue though is that the don’t stand any realistic chance of getting elected.   

I will ramble on here as I get time, at the moment I have been diverted into work in my bookshop, here in Ramsgate.  


  1. What about the £161,000 EU grant to TDC in Dec 2013 to improve the facilities at the Port? Notice any difference?

  2. I have said that if I could vote it would be for Will Scobie he in my humble opinion is the only one who has Thanet at heart he is a Thanet lad and I wish him every success.


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