Thursday, 2 April 2015

Portfolio (Kent schools competition winners) at Turner Contemporary, a few books and a ramble about the election.

The exhibition by Kent students and teachers is well worth a look when you are at Turner Contemporary, pictures of the pictures below.

I retired to the Turner Contemporary café and started sketching the Margate skyline, at some point I moved to sketching the people in the café also in front of me, this is still at the point where I am getting some sort of likeness but not very flattering. Anyway my nerve went and I scarped off to buy a few books from the various charity shops.

The star buy in this lot being Thanet at War, the price of which fluctuates around the £30 mark for a hardback with no inscriptions in nice condition.

I am watching the run up to the election unfold here in Thanet South with interest, the combination of Nigel Feragae standing here with the associated media spotlight and the increased power of social media locally, most recently fuelled by the Save Manston campaign all making it an interesting local issue.

So far no one has managed to explain how I would survive in business if we left the EU, with so many of my customers jobs reliant on membership. I guess I can see that we could be better off as a country out of the EU about ten years after leaving it, but this isn’t much consolation if you go bust or lose your job in the first few years.

I suppose on the national politics front, like many people in business, what I would like most is no change at all, the Conservatives improving the economy with the Lib Dems moderating most of the more right wing aspects of Conservatism, is probably responsible for the first signs of improvement in my business for years.

Another side of the coin here is which one of the likely candidates is going to make a good constituency MP, by this I mean – if your government pension, child tax credits or whatever suddenly stops – if you write to your new MP, will they do anything, will they even reply to you?

At the moment I am still going with Will Scobie, but am still open to coherent arguments for the other candidates as constituency MPs.

One argument I have heard against Will Scobie is his age, too young at 25, which means around 30 at the end of the government term, another is work experience, well Nigel Farage was a stockbroker and Craig Mackinlay a chartered accountant, so perhaps they have the edge there.

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