Thursday, 3 December 2015

Manston survey result, a big hole in Margate High Street, nothing on the new council planning website, a few books and a sketch in Vinyl Head Café.

I went to Margate today and having noticed a large development, or at least a large demolition in The High Street I thought I would find out what is happening, supposed to happen there.

Behold the new TDC planning website like many new innovations in ITC the main issue is that it doesn’t actually work inasmuch as I couldn’t, cant find out anything about the development, or at least demolition in Margate High Street.

Taking some conciliation in the thought that it was probably very expensive I went off into deeper Margate and bought a few books. Had lunch in Bernie’s and headed back to Ramsgate.

Ostensibly to do the shopping in Waitrose, 24 pints of milk and so on as I have children, but actually having parked I slipped away to Vinyl Head Café, tried to vanish innocuously into a sofa and sketched.

‘fraid I never made it to the Manston Stone Hill Park consultation at Pegwell.

The results for the council’s local plan question about Manston Airport have appeared on their website, see    

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