Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Former Police Station & Former Magistrates Court House, Cavendish Street, Ramsgate and the council’s planning website

I do keep fairly up to date with the major developments on Ramsgate foreshore, Pleasurama, Pavilion, Slipways Development, but the rest, well honestly I don’t have the time to keep tabs on the rest.

The big development ongoing disaster that once was The Police Station and Magistrates Court House in Cavendish Street Ramsgate is one that I periodically check on and have just being trying to again.

This is because it has changed hands again resulting in newspaper articles and much confusion on FaceBook.

Now you would expect that the situation would be easy to resolve by visiting the council’s website and looking at the various planning applications.

I think the main approved planning application is OL/TH/04/1089 here is a link to it on the council’s website https://planning.thanet.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=ZZZZN4QEBJ352 if you are lucky, when you click on it you will get to links to 61 documents, the plans for the site.

I have only managed to get one of these to open today, the rest of the time the council’s website says:- Document Unavailable
This document is unavailable for viewing at this time.

This is the sheet I managed to open, as soon as it opened – an image embedded in a pdf file I downloaded the pdf file ripped the image out of it and published it here, clicking on it compulsively will cause expansion.

More battle with planning website here is the ground floor plan

on a roll now another elevation

and another

Site plan

Artist's impression

Location Block plan


  1. The sign outside says it is going to be 87 flats (if I recall correctly). That seems like a lot of traffic needing to go down Cavendish street to me.

    1. True, but then TDC LGOs are not blessed with joined up thinking.

    2. looks like most car movements will be down Effingham, even worse. 87 flats, crazy.

  2. TDC is not corrupt. It is merely incompetent. Especially the LGOs.

  3. John by LGO do you mean Local Government Ombudsmen and presumably Ombudswomen or do you mean something else?

    1. Michael, You know bl..dy well what I mean; local government officers.

    2. John I hadn't a clue - it's a mornings thing with me - but I do now.


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