Saturday, 20 February 2016

Sketching in Broadstairs, do books furnish a room? A dull post for a dull day.

There is a school of thought that as one gets older one needs less sleep. As a teenager I found it hard to come round, just as hard as an adult and now approaching my dotage I like to approach toast, marmalade and coffee tentatively at around eleven.

Since I stopped working in my bookshop on Saturdays – ok I did buy a few books today in Broadstairs – but technically I don’t work, I go somewhere and sketch.

Having arrived a Broadstairs Pavilion around 11 and therefore still pretty much asleep, I did indeed order my toast and pointed my brush at the paper. After about an hour of this I had woken up sufficiently to sketch so I stopped sketching and wandered off down to the pier café.

Here I had the sketching ability but there was music playing somewhere in the background so that you could only hear the beat of the base and not the song, so I went and bought some books.

After this a sarni well actually a panini in Morelli’s and back to my misspent youth looking out of the window of Morelli’s waiting for it to stop raining, after about an hour of failing to draw the bush things I went off and bought some more books.

Looking on today’s post from my bookshop I notice that there is whole set of “A Dance to the Music of Time” inspired by the painting of the same name by Nicolas Poussin. I don’t see any of my paintings inspiring anyone to write a twelve volume series of novels, but there you go.

Last night in the Belgium Bar I did do another of my paintings in near darkness, inspired by art exhibition there.

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