Sunday 21 February 2016

Batman at Bernie’s, watercolour and felt tip sketching in Margate and Ramsgate.

I started the day with Toast and Marmalade at Miles Cafe in Ramsgate, I had started another picture of this view but couldn't find it this morning, so I started again.

I got some fairly thick felt tips in a charity shop and have been doing some very quick, less than 5 mins sketches with them.

Then off to Turner Contemporary in Margate where I did a bit more to my watercolour sketch of Margate Lighthouse from the gallery's cafe.

Another fast felt tip sketch, this time Margate Droit House

over another ploughman's lunch there, 
not quite in the league of last week's on the vegetation front, but still pretty good.

Eventually my teenage children turned up, the current exhibition doesn't do it for them, like me it's a case of film that doesn't do the box office at the cinema has no place in an art gallery, which should be displaying something you can't/couldn't display on your own technology.

We walked around the TC exhibition for a bit and the conversation moved from aesthetics to chocolate with some rapidity, so on to Bernie's for hot chocolates, where they had an exhibition of Batman related art by Peter Hammond see and with original art you can only see it by seeing it, it aint like film which looks the same at home.

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