Thursday, 18 February 2016

157 dwellings at St Lawrence College College Road RAMSGATE Outline application and a painting of Chocolate Café in Canterbury from La Trappiste and some more books in my bookshop, SNAFU

Another large Ramsgate development this time it’s OL/TH/15/1303 | Outline application for the erection of 157 dwellings with associated open space and parking provision, with consideration of access and scale | St Lawrence College College Road RAMSGATE Kent CT11 7AF.

You can of course go and do battle with the council’s planning website, documents there seem to open sometimes and not others, or you can click on the main ones below so they expand, if you click on the expanded image they will probably expand again so you can read the text on them.

Here it today's watercolour painting of painting of Chocolate Café in Canterbury from La Trappiste, this isn’t intended to turn into a finished painting

like say this one also painted from La Trappiste in Canterbury

the idea here is to get the feel of the view so that I have some idea of how to paint it.

The view looks like this to a camera, but different to the eye - perhaps?

a lot of cogitating over my ham sarni

while children and fingers came and went,

one of the issues that needs working out is where to start – probably the first floor window – what do you think?

Another is dealing with the bit that sticks out under the roof, the eaves, and how to size the people.

Books for my bookshop, yes inbetween painting I bought a lot of books, I won’t bother with a photo as they will appear on the bookshop blog on the day they go out for sale in my bookshop, here is a link to yesterday’s post anyone know what SNAFU means? 

The internet seems to know the meaning, with or without obscenity, but not the poem, well I suppose that's SNAFU for you.
And finally an art tip.

The Sakura Koi water brush an initial doodle

I normally paint in watercolours using a Winsor and Newton field paintbox (the one with the little water bottle and pot that fits in your pocket) and reversible brushes, which also fit in your pocket.

Anyway recently I have had a couple of incidents that prevented me from painting what I wanted to paint:- One was in an art gallery, where the gallery attendant said I couldn't have an open pot of liquid in the gallery and with photography forbidden I was basically stuffed in terms of recording the work on display. The other was when the only way I could paint on my pad was standing up, and as I can’t hold pad, brush and paintbox all at the same time I had to give up.

This was several months ago and I squirted the tubes I usually use as my palette into a small paintbox with a clip on the back in the hope I could paint from a wet sponge clipped onto it, with it clipped onto the pad. This didn’t work.

Today I bought the smallest size of Sakura Koi water brush, the paints had dried up rather a lot so I started with some fairly crumbly lumps, but with a mixture of the whole lot, water brush, sponge, small paintbox with clip on the back, sponge and paper clip to clip it to the paintbox, I think I have something that will work up to a point.

The The Sakura Koi water brush proved better than I thought it would, I tried an unknown make of water brush from the local craft shop, which leaked a lot and had bristles that were impossibly stiff.
The doodle, using all the colours and getting the previous colour out of the brush was done entirely using the water in the brush.

A final note on blog posts and comments, while the blog still remains the quickest and easiest way to publish information with multiple large images like this post, most of the related comment has moved onto Facebook.

I do my best to put links to blog posts onto relevant Facebook groups which is where most of the discussion happens,

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