Thursday, 26 May 2016

Another Brick in the Wall, a story of Thanet Men and Books and Sheds and a general Thanet Ramble, painting, wosisname

I was only talking to Floyd the other day. “Mornin Floyd ‘ows the sex and drugs and rock and roll?” Says I.

“Not so bad with the Viagra, but I’ve swapped the drugs for time in mi shed you know and been palyin a lot of ruler recently." Says E, I mean F.

“You ‘eard about the one in Broadstairs, they say it’s a big one?” Says I.

“Yes” said Floyd, “they generally did have big ones over Bradstowe.”

I get a lot of this sort of thing now from the men of Kent and the Kentish men, my bookshop here in Ramsgate has become a bit of a centre for shed related books, or to put it another way my craft section is a big one.

Any way off to Faversham and Whitstable today where I mostly painted bricks and bought a few craft books

here they are, the picture should expand, enough to read the titles, if clicked on compulsively.

 Next a few pictures of some of the shed load of shed books on the shelves in my bookshop.


On to the Ramble

Here is the watercolour painting of Ramsgate I started this Morning from outside The Oak Hotel, Clockhouse on the left Cervia on the right
Ah Just found the photo I took while painting

The blog editor has just gone bonkers and all the text is now in the middle.

Due to the nature of Clown Computing this was post was written using different types of fruit, it may make you more comfortable to know the following:- If the part you are reading makes sense, it was written on my PineApple Device, which has an ordinary keyboard. If it contains random wrong words, it was written on my RaspBerry Device, which has predictive text and a small screen that I can’t always see properly. If it makes no sense whatsoever, it written on my new BaNana Device, with which I develop the persona of a chimpanzee and hit keys randomly hoping it will produce the works of Shakespeare, or at least something coherent.     

Next up has anyone else noticed that they seem to be building another Thanet Earth next to the existing one? I would call it another greenhouse, but this is like calling Mt Everest a hill.

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