Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Costa Coffee tree felling in Ramsgate and fish, chips and chandeliers in Ramsgate.

As a man who is natually drawn to the “Warning Man Having Difficulty Opening Umbrella” signs we are all so familiar with, I couldn’t help noticing the one in Albert Court today, as my gaze spread from the content of the little red triangle it was evident that the activity was above.

“Wos up Bruv?” I expectorated following a particularly virulent vape.

“Chopping down the tree for Costa, Geez” Was the repost.

“Wot Costa Mate” I wheezed.

“Brought Jackson’s Warf, en it Guv.”

Working on the principle that the tree, some sort of chestnut I think, although biology isn’t my strong point, is, probably now was münchen or whatever trees do in the biergarten/designated-smoking-area of Jacksons Wharf and knowing that not only are you not allowed to smoke in Costa (it’s the lore) but you aren’t allowed to vape in Costa either. I have come to the conclusion that this is to make room for the vapours and vapettes as well as the smokers.

Anyway The Nation's Favourite Coffee Shop, unless of course you are a tree, or possibly think you are a tree, seems to be coming to Ramsgate.

Sauntering out of Albert Court into York Street and bouncing off of the rather dull frontage, an ‘otel and Wilco no diaper, I arrived like a billiard ball @ the card shop only to be confronted by chandeliers and no cards. Oh my cod! The frying squad have taken over the plaice.

This – the changing from shops where you can actually buy non-food goods, to eateries and residential – is a serious business, well for me anyway. 

Meanwhile here in King Street Ramsgate the builders turning The Carpet Shop into social housing for TDC are filling their diapers. Perhaps I should expand on this, back in days of yore most of the brick walls of buildings were two bricks thick, and as a brick is twice as wide as it is long some of the bricks were laid sideways (from the inside to the outside of the wall) instead of along the wall only as they are in a modern house which has a gap between the inside course of brick called a cavity.

Of course if the course of bricks is to look old, to match and Edwardian building then a fake diaper has to be filled by cutting lots of bricks in half. Look this is far too difficult for me to explain and we have books about this in my bookshop which I am allowed to photograph samples of for advertising purposes. The pictures should expand if clicked on compulsively.


Finally my apologies, I don’t really intend this blog to become humorous it’s just that I have bought a lot of funny books recently, there were all those Terry Pratchett first editions the other day and now this lot.
Oh yes and we now have Dere Metallica Messner’s book on hunting Yetis and other useful tomes in the bookshop, which is closed tomorrow as it is Thursday, see  

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