Thursday, 19 May 2016

The three speed hub explained in old money, a visit to Folkestone and the books I bought, a quick sketch in Canterbury

 Perhaps one shouldn't judge a book by its cover
 political correctness was a long way off in 1866
 I started my day at Folkestone by thinking it would be a good idea to park in the harbour area, it was a bit bleak this series of photos I took by rotating so it's a sort of all round view.

 another one by the water's edge which is better, but not one for me to sketch.

 there was a very impressive seagull
 then another rotational view and i decided to leave the harbour car park

 only to be confronted by the mother of all parking machines
 much better at the top of the cliff

 lunch at Googies, town centre, very good

 the sketch was pretty awful though I was hungry when I started and rushed because of another parking problem, you can only pay for three hours parking on the cliff top and then you have to move.
 The Leas Lift

 The remains of The Leas Pavilion

 got a bit sucked into this bit of modern architecture

 Here are some of the books I bought there
 The 1936 Cyclist's Handbook being one of my better buys.

Finally a quick sketch when stopped in Canterbury on the way home for tea and chocolate cake


  1. Michael, There is nothing complicated about that Pay Station. I played it and got a small chocolate bar, a cup of coffee & mulligatawny soup mix, three condoms and a cuddly toy.

  2. Thank you John invaluable information there, I thought the three chewing gums tasted a bit odd.


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