Monday, 3 October 2016

Some more coloured postcards of Ramsgate from around 1905 and a moan about the council.

The colouration in this lot is not so good and in some cases the yellow peril seems to have got a bit out of hand.

Some dating points, Granville tower shortened so after 1899, no Westcliff Hall so before 1914, Pavilion built so after 1904

Been one of those days of bad internet buying experiences which are very time consuming and make me realise why the bookshop is doing ok at the moment.

There is nothing on earth like filling in a few online forms to make me want to do all of my shopping in proper physical shops and yet I often make for the automated checkout in the supermarket.

I have also been trying to reason with the council about building new social housing on King Street with the bedroom windowsills at about knee height. Trying to get across to them that it is bound to go down the road of bad tenants on the ground floor and eventually souring the whole development is an education. Speaking to individual officers , well the all obviously agree with what I am saying, there can be few of us who haven’t at some time or another, pubbed, clubbed and eventually wound up at the takeaway at about 4.30 am. Trying to get this converted into some sort of council action where the design is modified so the flats are habitable, well that seems impossible.

In a way it’s very like trying to get anywhere with the Pleasurama issue inasmuch as everyone can see that building residential accommodation on flood zone designated high risk is bonkers without first doing a flood risk assessment, the closest you ever get is opposition councillors saying there should be one. Once they are in power it’s another matter.  

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