Saturday, 22 October 2016

Another four old coloured postcards of Ramsgate. Painting in Canterbury and I drone on about my new phone

One upon a time, back in the day, in the good old days – well you know the type of kidney I’m going to rabbit on about. You got a new TV, camera, video recorder, clock, barometer and so on it was a big deal. Now you have to buy a new smartphone about every three years as the old one becomes obsolete and it is all of this stuff. With me to you particularly important as I use it for a lot of the content I put online.

Last time I went for a leading brand, this time a cheap £130 unknown brand, mainly because it has a bigger battery and I need a phone that stays charged up all day. What I bought and has just turned up is an “OUKITEL K6000 Pro 5.5"4G Android 6.0 Octa Core Smartphone 3GB+32GB 16MP Touch ID”

The main bit I use is the camera, I started with a Zenith B, moved on to a Nikon F and when that got stolen went back to the Zenith and over the years accumulated Pentax fitting camera gear. Well I do have a Pentax DSLR but the last few years it’s the camera in my phone I use.

The camera in the Oukitel is so much better and so much worse at the moment than the camera in my previous Samsung Note phone that we have to wait and see while I learn to use it.

But for those of you with a limited budget, buying a budget smartphone that you intend to use on some sort of pay as you go deal with a bit of internet data.

OK I hear you, translation:- you spend £130 on smartphone and then expect your mobile phone bill including mobile internet access to come out in the £100 a year ball park.

So this blog post all photos done with the new phone    

First the old Ramsgate cards

so copied with the phone in the living room, under electric light, some of the cards were pretty fuzzy to begin with, but the bottom one East Cliff Bathing station was pretty sharp, so I cropped out a bit of the detail from the photo of it

then an Out and About whit Me, this is 4.30 today and the light was going 

Yep well the fuzzy the sharp and the strangely focused

lastly today's painting

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