Sunday, 23 October 2016

Beginnings of a sketch of inside the Belgian Café in Ramsgate, some thoughts on cameras in phones and power cuts.

When we woke up this morning we had a power cut, this happens every few years with the very old infrastructure in King Street Ramsgate, the cables under the road are patched and worn out.

We often entertain on Saturday evenings and when we got back from children shopping in Canterbury the power was still off so we  

One pizza in the Belgian Cafe feeds several

I got a chance to start a sketch 

The background view of the inside of the Belgian Cafe in watercolour, interiors are more difficult than you would expect, the fiver is for scale.
Photo of the same view

this is a cropped picture from my new mobile phone, a much better camera than I had before, but more difficult to use. It will expand if clicked on so you can get some idea of the type of camera in a £130 phone now.
This is an uncropped photo, the idea being improved photos of distant objects.


  1. Phones are incredible now. I must say I am faithful to my camera's but then I don't have a phone so not a tough choice. I have just started amassing some water colour paraphernalia so hope to give painting a try. Maybe I can come and see you for some tips soon.

    1. Don, don’t be mislead into thinking a phone is a phone, I hardly ever make or receive phone calls on mine but use it umpteen times a day, starting with the news – under the bedcovers on I-player.

      Glad to know you are taking up watercolour painting and will tip away as required, the main tip when you are starting is to limit the number of different colours of paint to an amount where you can remember what’s what, especially when you start mixing them together.


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