Sunday, 2 October 2016

Some old Ramsgate postcards with the writing on the back and another Canterbury sketch.

Having just had a look at the local internet stuff Facebook and so on, there wasn’t much that grabbed my interest so I thought I had better post something.

Regatta time in Ramsgate harbour in 1905 – well that’s what the postmark says, so at least before 1905, looks to be invigorating. 

‘fraid there is nothing on the back of the next two

My guess is that all four postcards are in the 1905 ballpark date wise, I think they would all use the photochrome or chromo litho process, meaning that a black and white photograph is taken and the photographer make a note of the colours in the scene which are applied as part of the printing process.   

I hope that the photos as published on my blog will expand ok if clicked on twice.

I was painting in Canterbury today, only a quick sketch as time was short, but it did get me to think about the colours on the coloured postcards which were produced before colour photography was really viable 

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