Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Vincent Van Gogh and me, paining Churchill Tavern in Ramsgate

There have been several renditions of one or the other of the Van Gogh sketches of Ramsgate having a short airing on Facebook during the last day.

As far as I know there are only two, these are fairly good copies that will expand and haven’t been seriously cropped or messed with in other ways. 

The building that is now Churchill Tavern was built in 1864 and features in both sketches.

Vincent lost his job as an art dealer in Paris in 1876 and got a job in Ramsgate from April of that year. The job was teaching in a boys school, there was no pay but he got a room and food. He wasn’t here for long as the school where he worked moved from Ramsgate to Isleworth in June of the same year and Vincent moved with the school.
Was he sketching from Westcliff Gardens or did he have a room in The Regency?

I tried to find other paintings, sketches or drawings of the same place but could only find the ones I had done myself a couple of years ago and both of these were of the inside.  

Here are the books that came in the bookshop today although you won’t be able to buy them tomorrow as we are closed on a Thursday  


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  1. Lovely photos of Ramsgate long long ago.
    What a great shame it has denegrated into a rubbish tip - human and industrial.
    Albion Gardens, once a haven - now a hangout for drunks, drug dealers and their clients, inebriated school children on a Friday afternoon.
    Where is TDC . - Cant't they afford broom and its operator, THANK YOU TO THE VOLUNTEERS WHO CLEAN THE AREA UP. - plenty of money for fireworks though.


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