Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Three Graces by Kashif Nadim Chaudry going up in Turner Contemporary Margate and Four old photos of Ramsgate gone up here today

This is mostly about the new exhibition going up in the Sunley Gallery at Turner Contemporary, presumably called that because it is sunny – but for a moment in time I shall divert to where the sun don’t shine.

My fave exhibit in the Sunley gallery so far has been the sculpture called “The Kiss” by Rodin – pronounced Rodan – as a bookseller I don’t have problems with people mispronouncing words as this means they read the word rather than heard it – however thinking of you dear reader, it isn’t my intention for you to humiliate your self by accident because you have read this.

 I had minutes of fun photographing it, here is an example so you know what I am talking about before we get down to the tricky area of art of art.   

 I don’t suppose anyone considering drawing this sculpture can do so without thinking of the Marcel Duchamp etching pictured above where the hand has been moved into a more suggestive position.

I had hours of fun sketching it but the sketch of mine that is most memorable to me is the one most influenced by the other one…

As most readers here will know I am often out and about in the area painting and so I am very interested in the act of producing art, probably more than in the finished product in a lot of cases.

So I took some photos of this, with a mobile phone which had a bit of a delay, photography can become more of a craft than an art, so using the craft method I took a lot of photos and selected one, here is the link to the rest of them

And finally the the four old photos of Ramsgate

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