Sunday, 20 November 2016

Some old photos of Ramsgate, some new photos of Canterbury and some boring stuff about my camera/phone.

Why would anyone take lots of pictures of the same place?

Behold today’s old Ramsgate pictures.

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday I was in Canterbury having my day off and when I got home doing a bit of painting and decorating, Sunday evening now any I have just stopped decorating one of our bedrooms.

About three weeks ago I bought cheap mobile phone an “OUKITEL K6000 Pro” these are about £130 on Ebay. I don’t have a phone contract and just have pay as you with a bit of internet as I mostly use wifi and don’t usually phone people up other than using Skype and WhatsApp.

If that sounded incompressible to you then stop reading this.

When I first got this phone I did a blog post about it see and I have used this phone as my main camera since then. I think it’s a very good phone – the main reason I bought it is because it has a very big battery which doesn’t go flat if I charge it for about an hour every couple of days.

With a folding blue tooth keyboard I can touch type in MS Word on my phone and write this blog, I have used my previous phone as a dummy here as as I took the photo with the new one.  

The camera in the new phone is pretty good and I have been having a dialogue with the manufacturer about improvements for the next software update to make it even better.

So as part of this I took some more photos of Canterbury to show them samples of what I am talking about, essentially they can download the pictures and see the camera settings.

(If you click on the download tab – open the image – three dots top right – download is on the dropdown. If you select more than one image and download them together the files will be compressed so the image quality may be lower. If you then find the image on your commuter – right click on it – select properties – the details tab will give you some camera settings. It will also give you the time I took the photos.)

So here is the link to all the photos I took yesterday, including the ones that went wrong

I wasn’t working in my bookshop yesterday, but the people who work there on Saturdays were, so here is the link to the books they put out on the selves   

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