Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Out and about with me and my phone, and some more old pictures of Thanet.

There’s a word, beings with M ah yes smartphone – oh no I mean embarrassing of course. For me it’s learning to use my new one, particularly the camera as it’s my phone camera that I use for all my posts. Why? Well it’s like this… if I use an ordinary digital camera then when I get home I have to either fid the wire or take the card out, then I have to put the photos onto the computer, sort them out and then upload them onto the internet. The jolly old smartphone of course has it’s own internet connection so it uploads all the pictures I take straight onto the internet where they are safely stored forever. I only need the picture’s internet address and I can put it on any website, with the blog I don’t even need to do this as my phone pictures just appear in the menu as little picture icons under the add photo option.

For some people the M word relates to the dreadful combination of all the things they have said to their friends and family about smartphones over the years combined with slowly dawning realisation that they need to have one and be able to use it, if not properly – at least moderately badly. It’s a bit like a repeat of the computer thing, anyone remember when the only people who had computers were called geeks and how we all laughed. Now of course you only have to have some sort of accident or serious illness to realise that all the other people in the other hospital beds are watching I-player or ranting on Facebook using their smartphones.

So first the old pictures, to be honest I could have got out the scanner, found its leads, plugged it into the computer and scanned some of my old pictures, uploaded them to the internet, but you know how it is…. So what I did was to put the smartphone’s camera on macro, put the photos on my desk and take photos of them. Theoretically the scans would have probably been better quality, in practice I wouldn’t have had time to do the at all.

On to out and about and it’s the Pav again

Caption anyone for the pigeon one.

The phone which I am getting used to, is reasonably good and cost about £130 new on Ebay is an OUKITEL K6000 Pro, I am sure there are better ones out there and a geek would say I should have bought a different one, but here is the link to out and about photos https://goo.gl/photos/C7Ns4PYq8HjDavPf8 you can download them there and check out the pixels.

It’s been one of those local history days in my bookshop, lots of dispensing information about the history of the area – or perhaps I was boring the pants off of people, hard to say really. Here is the link to the books that went out today http://michaelsbookshop.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/preparation-for-next-life-in-bookshop.html

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