Monday, 7 November 2016

The big crane by Trove Court. A minor Manston RiverOak DCO update. Some old Margate and Ramsgate pictures.

The wind today seems to have come as a bit of a surprise with boats in trouble and here in Ramsgate the crane that turned up to take the old aerials off the top of the blocks of flats and install new ones.

Anyway the wind this morning was too strong for the workers to extend crane to its full height so they had to wait around for the wind to drop.

On the Manston DCO both the DFT website and the RiverOak website have now confirmed that the initial application for a DCO will be delayed by six months. Last quarter of 2016 having been changed in both places to second quarter of 2017.

I did write to the boss of RiverOak a couple of weeks ago reminding him that I still had outstanding questions that he had promised to answer and still haven’t had a reply also the rebuttal of the Avia report they promised for the middle of last month doesn’t seem to have appeared on their website, unless it is contained in one of their letters to councils.

It all looks like the long grass to me, however others may have different ideas, personally I find it very hard to take RiverOak in any way seriously until they tell me where their company is registered and where I can access accounts that have been approved by some government agency. At the moment it’s all rather reminiscent of SFP the company that wanted to build on the Pleasurama site and eventually having found that no part of the government including the local council could accept money from a British Virgin Islands company registered in the UK but not having a verifiable accounting history couldn’t pull the development off.

On to something that may amuse some people, having had considerable success putting pictures of the books that go out in my bookshop on the internet at almost every day someone asks me if they can look at a book that has recently appeared on that blog I thought I would have a go at doing a video of new stock.

This is actually much harder than it looks, my first attempt was in fact so bad that it made some of us here laugh, missing half the book, not really knowing what to say and so on. Not sure if I will master the art of video blogging, becoming an unboxer and so on.

On to the old Thanet pictures

 This is Bellevue Road Ramsgate On the 26th of May 1905 tram no. 47 jumped the tracks and crashed into Vyes Grocers now a hairdressers, the shop manager’s daughter, tram driver and conductor were all badly injured. 
 I don't think this is quite what Turner meant but you have to admit the postcard colourist has certainly moved into a new dimension
Note the time traveller with the phablet 

and whoops sorry forgot the backs, here they are 

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